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시민권 & 레지던시

SYL 글로벌 컨설팅은 이민과 비자 업무 전문 기업입니다. 관련 분야 세계적인 전문가들과 현지 네트워크망을 통한 전문 이민 프로그램으로 SYL 글로벌 컨설팅은 고객에게 삶의 제2 막을 열어줍니다.

Image by Helloquence

Mechanical Engineer

Europe - Germany
  • Enthusiastic team player

  • Good communication skills

  • Analytical skills and eye for details

  • Experience with 3D CAD tools

  • Knowledge of English language

Business Handshake

Sales Manager

Europe - Germany
  • University degree

  • Team working spirit is a must 

  • Capability of working independently

  • Flexibility & open minded-nature

  • Excellent English skills 

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Software Developer

Europe - Germany
  • Technology & software development 

  • Good rational & analytical thinking 

  • Good organizational skills

  • Ability to communicate directly 

  • Very good English language skills

Copying Down

Product Manager

Europe - Germany
  • Degree in Engineering

  • Experience in product management

  • IT and mobile products experience

  • Willingness to travel 

  • English language skills & PC tools

Image by Carlos Muza

Finance Manager

Europe - Germany
  • English language skills required

  • Solid credit and analytical skill set

  • Strong knowledge of asset products

  • Strong commercial judgment

  • Excellent communication skills

Man Working at a Desk

Marketing Manager

Europe - Germany
  • Degree in economics

  • Strong analytical skills

  • Project experience in Retail Analytics

  • Self-motivation & responsible

  • MS Excel & English skills

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